Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Achieve R25 in only 3.5 inches!!!

Agricultural-barn-spray-foamPatriot Foam’s closed cell foam insulation is a two component HFC-blown (zero ozone-depleting) liquid spray system that cures to a medium-density rigid cellular polyurethane insulation material.  This closed cell foam insulation contains polyols derived from naturally renewable oils, post-consumer recycled plastics, and pre-consumer recycled materials.  This Class A (Class 1) fire-rated foam insulation meets the requirements of ICC-ES AC377 Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Insulation.  See Intertek Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-1043 for code compliant application information.  It is a Type II foam in accordance with ASTM C1029.

Designed to provide high thermal performance, closed cell foam insulation is sprayed in up to four inch passes.  Once sprayed, the foam insulation becomes an air impermeable insulation which makes it an integral part of an air barrier assembly.

The closed cell foam insulation performs well in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 200° and is a great tool to help conserve energy.  It works well for residential, commercial and industrial applications.