Open Cell Foam Insulation

Superior Performance and Reduced Energy Costs

Patriot Foam’s open cell foam insulation offers homeowners lifelong efficiency.*  By choosing our open cell foam insulation, homeowners receive an environmentally-friendly product that delivers superior performance, energy savings, and is an excellent return on investment.

Our product is a cutting-edge formula of open-cell spray foam insulation, which expands to seal all cracks, gaps, and joints with a single application. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, our open cell foam insulation will maintain its performance; time and temperature have no effect on the spray foam. Our open cell foam insulation never deteriorates or decomposes, but retains its shape and density over time, and it never settles or compacts compared to traditional fiberglass insulation.

Working as an innovative sealant this powerful spray form also helps homeowners to reduce energy costs.  Call us at 319-540-1381 to start saving now!

Highlights of our Open Cell Foam Insulation:

longwall open cell

  • Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, gases, fibers, or asbestos
  • Cuts heating and cooling costs as much as 50 percent**
  • Minimizes outside noise, as airborne noise can no longer easily pass through walls
  • Less dust and allergens enter the environment due to the airtight seal
  • Maintains peak performance; it never deteriorates or decomposes

Our open cell foam insulation is in compliance with the International Building Code® (IBC), International Residential Code® (IRC), and International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC).

*Based on Limited Lifetime Warranty.